Project Services

We offer different project services focused on your organization and your specific needs:

  • Modify Netsuite through custom fields, forms, workflows and scripts
  • NetSuite 911 – NetSuite recovery
  • Version release testing
  • Best Practices and Lean/Six Sigma


NetSuite Customizations

NetSuite's SuiteCloud platform provides excellent ways to customize and extend the native features without jeopardizing the future upgrade path. 


We understand NetSuite's business processes and combine this knowledge with our knowledge of the SuiteCloud development tools to build the best solutions.

We use our best practice development approach to minimize risk and time spent.


We can help you 

  • Define the scope of the project or change incl. what is the best in class work process
  • Determine the impact on your existing NetSuite installation
  • Determine the best way to change NetSuite
  • Get the work done including
    • Create and use custom fields
    • Modify existing or add new forms
    • Create new workflows
    • Use scripts for advanced features

NetSuite 911 - NetSuite Recovery

If your NetSuite installation is not working for you or your organization it is time to step back and assess what is going on. We can help by

  • Accessing current state
  • Identify root cause(s) and provide insights into how to resolve
  • Data quality/integrity analysis



Version Release Testing

Please contact us if you need help to verify and validate that your organization is ready for the next release. We use a formalized approach to work with you and your organziation to 

  • Identify critical areas to test
  • Document testing scenarios
  • Perform testing 
  • Sign-off on test results

Best Practices and Lean/Six Sigma

We use our extensive expereince to analyze current processes and suggest improvements. We ar inspired by Lean/Six Sigma to approach challenges:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control
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