Part-time NetSuite Manager

You are responsible for how NetSuite is being used within your organization. 
You are often interrupted by end users needing help with NetSuite because a saved search does not work as intended, a user needs access to additional functionality, a CSV import needs to be processed or a user would like a new field.


We offer NetSuite management services customized for your organization. Whether you need 4 hours a week or 4 hours a day, we are here to help.

Our Core services can be taylored to your company's needs and could include:

  • Management of end user issues
  • Change Management Process
  • User and role maintenance
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Saved searches and reports
  • CSV imports
  • New employee setup and training

To learn and understand your NetSuite environment we apply our 10 Point NetSuite Check-up. Click here to learn more


We are process driven and metrics are key to ensure your success and satisfaction.

Examples of Ticket Metrics
Examples of Ticket Analysis

In addition to the recurring tasks we also offer special service:

  • Version release testing
  • Adding new NetSuite features/Process mapping
  • Address data integrity issues
  • User training
  • Best Practices
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