Strategic Implementation Support

You feel good about the decision to move to NetSuite.

Your organization may already have selected a company to help you with the NetSuite implementation but you may ask yourself

  • Do we have the right internal staff to handle the implementation?

  • Are we asking our implementer the right questions?

  • How do our answers to the implementer’s questions impact our NetSuite setup?

  • NetSuite has a lot of great new functionality. How do we take advantage of it without extending and complicating the implementation?

  • Should we change any processes as part of the implementation or wait until later?

  • How do we know that our implementation is on track? How do we keep it on track?

  • What are our major risks, and what do we do about them?


In other words you are looking for somebody to ‘sit on your side of the table’ and help you steer the implementation to a successful completion.

Viking Resources can be your business partner throughout the implementation and minimize risk and avoid pitfalls.

Activities can include

  • Determine the overall implementation approach
  • Confirm scope of initial implementation
  • Review internal resources and compare with what is needed
  • Establish milestones and set a realistic time line
  • Assist with budget considerations
  • Understand and address risks 


In addition to this Viking Resources can help when you dive into the details:

Tactical Support

Dive into the specific processes to ensure expectations are clear. 

Activities can include

  • Establish critical success criteria for specific functional areas
  • Review current processes and future state processes
  • Review and discuss NetSuite configuration options
  • Assess current state of data
  • Defined and establish the resources needed for the ongoing support and management of NetSuite

Operational Support

Handling specific tasks as needed to get critical tasks completed in order to meet the time line.

Activities can include

  • Extract and review/clean/enhance/convert existing data
  • Review and update documentation and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Specify NetSuite entry and print forms
  • Specify dashboards and reports
  • Specify alerts to help manage the business on a daily basis

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